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This 368 page book will clear up the confusion of the many unbiblical teachings concerning the end times. Understanding the scriptures regarding the Great Tribulation removes fear and produces Great Joy.

"The scriptural compendium on the tribulation is excellent."
Dr. Daniel C. Juster, President, Messiah Biblical Institute & Graduate School of Theology

"This book will be considered too controversial by many in the Church because it is such Christ-centered, simple, straightforward, strong meat."
Rev. Terry Chupp, Minister to the B.A..S.S. Touring Pros

Prophecy Fulfillment World News Update 12/11/2002
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Russian Invasion of USA - Henry Gruver - Real Audio- 5 Parts
NEW!! Abominations being done in Jerusalem 3/11/2002
Continuing Development of the Gog-Megog War, WWIII 12/08/2001

The Holy Bible - America - The Message
Part 1
- Part 2 - Passover 2002
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The DEVIL's Top MAN in the Earth BEHIND it ALL 9/22/2001

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Reality Check 9/20/2002

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Chris Gerner's Amerikan Expose Real Audio
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UNITY & Positional Authority - Praying or Preying 3/24/2002

Jim Searcy - the BASIC FaithSeries - Real Audio Messages
This series of messages to strengthen the saints for these glorious last days has 9 parts building up our Most Holy Faith. Just change the number 1 to 2 on your Real Audio player files and on through 9 to hear the whole series. If you can only listen to one go directly to 3 and if you can only listen to two messages 3 and then 9. However it is a Faith Building Series, precept upon precept, and it is hoped that you will find time to listen to all 9 in order. 6/2002
Henry Gruver
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Prayer to Walk as an Overcomer in True Righteousness and Holiness 1/2K

Antichrist**: Identity ** Scriptures w/57 details: 3/02 ** The Picture: 7/98

The Abomination of Desolation 1/02 CALENDAR confirmation 7/98

The Fear of God 10/98 Dangerous Religious Spirits 5/99 Iniquity 3/01

7 Year Peace and Safety Agreement Great Tribulation Started When? 6/01

Are You Born Again? - by JC Ryle 4/02 Christian Communities of Faith 5/02

What We May Expect to See in 2003 Final Warnings 8/99

Torah Portions & Bible Schedule Versions or Perversions?6/01

Mystery of Iniquity SABBATH? Sabbath History Angels 3/01

Old Testament Chronological Order 700 Page Commentary by Jim Searcy 10/01

"SHEEPLE TRACT" This can be used anywhere. 10/01 ST Backup Facts

Barry Charmish - Jim Searcy Interview 2/02 Mohammed & Vatican Roma 6/02

Judah, Israel, Ephraim, and The Church 8/02 Is Christmas Christian???? 9/02

Theophostic? 5/01 Two Sticks - Tribes? 5/01 Harry Potter 12/01

Names of God & Messianic Jewish Terms Power of the BLOOD 5/99

The Roman Catholic Church 4/99 What is Behind Rome's Virgin 4/99

Pope, "Biblicism," & GJiGT11/98 Christians & Guns2/2K Y2K 1/00

Orthodox vs Heterodox 3/02 PRETERISM 3/02

G-d's Battle Plan for His people Revelation Notes Chapters 4-22 5/2K

Is Hell for Real??? 6/02 Returning to God Faith Unity Plea

OBLATION 7/98 The Acts Context of Epistles Freemasonry?

Rebuild the Temple? Required by Man or Scripture? Resurrection When?

New World Order Religious System of the Antichrist which began in 1993? 7/98

"Israel" - central to understanding Bible Prophecy? More Sure Prophecy?

Coincidences, by Ken Crouch 31 Days of Scriptural Prayer for Israel?

Open Letter: Short Form - "The Doctrine of Christ": "Doctrine of Messiah"

"Israel Identity" and Racism UFO's and extraterrestrials?

True Prophets & False prophets? 7/14/98 False Prophecy?

Preparing for Great Tribulation FEAR NOT! The command of the L-rd.

"Rapture" SABBATH? Red Hiefers ? Ark of the Covenant Found?

Accuser of the Bretheren Free Newsletter: Encouragement. Yeshua 7/98

Great Sword of Rev. 6:4 - Larry Wayne Harris' book essentials in 1 Page 6/98

Just for fishermen? Trinity? Tongues? Mormons? Islam? 5/01

Short Wave Schedule Steve Quail interviews Jim Searcy on Israel & Prophecy

By and For Teenagers 11/98 ** JW'Watchtower Exposed **New World Order

How to Lay Up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven 4/20012/2K Music 4/2K


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The GJiGT Version of
"War on the Saints"
is completed.
Click here for this powerful, free, on-line book. How to be victorious in these glorious last days of the antichrist's war on the saints.
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Print out this book, get copies on disk, send to those you care about and tell others of this book. Next to the bible, this may be the most important read NOW!!!

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